"We are building the supercar before we have invented the steering wheel."
Ian Hogarth, Co-Author of the 'State of AI'

Increase Model Efficiency

With Good Robot Company bias detection solutions, the hidden bias in AI/ML models can be identified, mapped, and managed. Reducing bias that could impact the accuracy of your models.

Protect yourself From lawsuits

Organisations all around the world are increasingly falling foul of lawsuits directed at the discriminatory bias-driven outputs from their AI/ML. Get ahead of this with Good Robot Company bias detection.

Deploy ai/ml Projects Faster

Manually tackling bias in your newly developed AI/ML is time consuming and costly. By utilising home-grown Good Robot Company bias detection solutions your organisation can remove these pains.

Read More about AI and Bias

Demographic skews in training data create algorithmic errors.

Women of colour are underrepresented and depicted with stereotypes June 5th, 2021

What do we do about the bias in AI?

by James Manyika, Jake Silberg, and Brittany Presten October 25, 2019

We are Launching Our Beta Product

Whilst consistently delivering solutions to enterprise customers we have been developing a bias detection product for all to use.

Find out more and get involved in user testing!

AI is developing faster than we can comprehend

“It would be exactly like death for me. It would scare me a lot.”

This is the response from Lamda, Google’s latest AI system when asked about the possibility of it being turned off.