About us

Our Mission

We believe in the transformative potential for Artificial Intelligence to make our world better. The Artificial Intelligence of the future needs to be effective, ethical and free from bias.

The Good Robot Company is here to make sure your AI is bias-free for us and future generations.

Our Co-Founders

Lizbeth Chandler

Technical Co-Founder

Our in-house genius and expert in systems thinking, mathematics, data science and computer science. With her background in energy systems and policy research Lizbeth is responsible for the remarkable advances we are making in AI/ML bias detection and quickly making a name for herself as a leading voice in AI ethics. She also really likes cats.

Fin mccormick

Business Co-Founder

Our strategic navigator and business leader, is at the forefront of innovative ethical AI & ML solutions. A growing voice in the field of technology and inclusivity. A background in international sales and research combined with his adaptable nature, logical approach and sheer unrivalled resilience, makes him a force of nature at The Good Robot Company! He also runs.

Good AI in Organisations

The Good Robot Company finds bias early before it becomes a law suit and aids in the effective and suitable operation of the AI. It enables companies to have information to tackle and counter bias.

Our Core Values