Frequently asked questions


Do you develop AI/ML yourself?

We do not ‘make’ AI/ML currently. However, using our solution you can improve yours. Bias not only can lead to furthering inequalities but also impact the accuracy and performance of your systems. These tend to get worse when scaling the systems in a real world context.


What do you mean by Ethical AI? Why bias detection?

Ethical AI is a complex and highly debated fundamental in the world of AI/ML currently. The Good Robot Company definition of ethical is the consideration of impact upon third parties and the mitigation of inequalities/ discimination. Bias is our starting place to progress our mission to drive ethical AI/ML. 


Do you take event speaker requests?

Yes, please submit a contact request outlining the event, themes and dates and we’ll be in touch!


Do you only work with enterprises?

We are working as hard as we can to offer our services to smaller organisations and independent developers as well. Please get involved in providing feedback on our Beta product to help us achieve this goal.


How do you ensure you are ethical in your approach to bias?

As a company we are transparent with our values, progress and methods as we can be. The roots of The Good Robot Company include; inclusive belonging, creative innovation and a system of support to bridge academia and industry.  Systems thinking is an encompassing perspective to investigate bias in any system, this is our technical approach to ethical bias detection. By using multiple methods, both already established in industry/academia and our home-grown data science equations we can consider many elements of hidden bias. In addition, our method is layered, meaning that results cross-validate and highlight hidden co-dependencies and correlations.


Are you a research company?

Not entirely. The Good Robot Company is split into two components, research and industry-solution. As ethical AI is still very much an emerging and exciting field, we want to be at the forefront of academic innovation alongside delivering industry results. 



Are you open to research collaborations?

Yes, please submit your enquiry under our contacts page!


Can I use bias reports as part of my technology readiness levels?

The Good Robot Company is an independent third party from the client’s original system, and thus provides objective analysis. If you choose to use your detailed bias report to contribute to proving your application is ready for the real world, you are welcome to!

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